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Headquartered in California, iKARE USA Inc. is an innovator of home wellness products designed for use with your smart devices.

Branched in China. Manufactured in Taiwan. Branded in worldwide. Stay Ahead.


Our vision is to create you

A world without wires.

A smarter way of living.





To provide you a smarter way of life is our aim.


We work on a mutual basis – spend time and efforts selecting the perfect match for you, not just creative excellence, but Big Thinkers!


We discuss opportunities in depth, share knowledge in order to build all of our experiences and wisdom, and enabling initial start ups at affordable investment by compacting the time frame.


Let's turn our vision into reality with iKare brand identity!


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In 2011, iKare introduced the very first TRUE P2P Wireless Network Cameras. It brings easy set-up & connection to a totally amazingly comfortable new level.


Without the need of a personal computer or a tech wiz. You can connect within minutes with a given ID and Password using the free mobile APP and configure the camera settings all from your mobile device! Using secure cloud connectivity ensures you stay connected to what matters most, anywhere you go.


It also serves as a Remote Baby Monitor that just revolutionized the modern parenting. By extending the limit of baby monitoring to anywhere an intelligent WiFi device can be connected. With the unfolding habit of finger-tapping on individual devices, this device became unprecedented popular by parents.


The development for comprehensive series of devices and applications designed for a smarter & better way of living is on going. It is iKare's ultimate pursuit!